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  • Stock Code:
    A 000055
    B 200055
    Founded in 1991
    At the forefront of reform and opening up - Shenzhen
    It is one of the first domestic private enterprises to list A-share and B-share stocks.
    Corporate culture
    Fangda group is committed to providing global consumers with first-class products and high-quality professional services with the most advanced technology, humanistic care, intelligence, energy conservation and environmental protection concepts!
    • Fangda tenet
      Fangda tenet
      Science and technology oriented, innovation as the source
    • Fangda spirit
      Fangda spirit
      Honesty, trust, cooperation and enterprising
    • Enterprise orientation
      Enterprise orientation
      Green, energy saving, low carbon, environmental protection
    • Enterprise goal
      Enterprise goal
      To become a century old store
    Talent concept
    Employees are the precious wealth of enterprises, especially for scientific and technological innovation enterprises.
    Fangda group regards talents as the driving force of enterprise development, and improves employees' professional skills and market competitiveness through systematic and professional training; Clearly plan the career growth route of employees, carefully build a smooth position promotion channel, so that excellent employees can stand out in the shortest time; Create a sunny, upward, positive and energetic corporate culture to help employees "work happily and be happy at work". Over the past 30 years since its establishment, Fangda has actively implemented relevant national labor laws and regulations, actively fulfilled the responsibilities of employers, protected the rights and interests of employees, and built a standardized, orderly, fair and reasonable, mutually beneficial and win-win, harmonious and stable labor relationship. It has won the honors of "China's best employer", "Guangdong model enterprise with harmonious labor relations", "Shenzhen advanced collective" and so on.
    Enterprise activities
    • Fun games
      Fun games
    • Quality development
      Quality development
    • Staff Bookstore
      Staff Bookstore
    • Birthday party
      Birthday party
    • Guess lantern riddles
      Guess lantern riddles
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